Behold the Majestic Maine Coons Captured by Robert Sijka!

Behold the majestic Maine Coons – the largest domesticated cats in the world. These wonderful and extraordinary cats will take your breath once you gaze upon this photo shoot from Robert Sijka.

The majestic Maine Coons in your home will be the closest to a wild cat living with you without being scared, since these felines are the ‘’dogs among cats’’ the most faithful cats you may possibly have. They are huge and massive and the breed can reach up to 80 pounds and 14 inch length. Maine Coons in 75 different color combinations.

These ‘’gentle giants’’ are easy to love since they adapt immediately to new families and other pets in the household, they tend to be lovable, social, playful and like water very much. Because of their fluffy fur they can endure harsh winter environments and their big furry paws make them to easily walk on snow. If they need extra warmth, they have their large – fluffy tail to place around their entire body.

These felines chirp they don’t meow, and they do this when they are happy or when they spot a prey.

A theory of how they got their name origins back from 1800’s from the British captain Charles Coon. He sailed in New England and had seafaring cats who are believed to be ancestors to the modern Maine Coon.

Since they resemble very much to the Norwegian forest cat it is believed that their origin is brought to America by the Vikings. If you like to welcome home these magnificent felines you will need extra money, the price for one is up to $1,000. But, remember that you don’t have to spend lot money to purchase this breed, there are lots of cats that just wait for you in shelters and are willing to give their love just the same.

Now, enjoy this little part of the photo shoot that Robert Sijka made:

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