Maine Coon Kitty Might Break The World Record For The Longest Cat Tail!

Maine Coons have been holding world records for a good while now. The current record holder for the world’s longest cat is a Maine coon. It’s rival in beating the world record for longest cat tail is a Maine Coon as well.

Since 28th of August 2010 Mymains Stewart Gilligan has been holding the Guiness world record for the longest domestic cat.

His tail is measured to be 16.34 inches long, while overall he is 48.5 inches long. Stewie’s adversary is called Cygnus. This gorgeous Maine Coon has such a long and fluffy tail that will leave you speechless.

Meet Cygnus, the Longest Cat Tail Competitor!

Cygnus comes from Detroit, Michigan and is way fluffier than his two brothers Arcturus and Sirius. Another thing that makes him stand out the most is that he has a very long feather duster as people may call it. Cygnus is one year old and weighs 15 lbs.

His tail is 18.4 inches long measured from its base to the end of the actual skin no fluff included. With the fluff though, it measures around 24 inches. His length from the nose to the tail tip is 41 inches which doesn’t make him a very large cat. He is very healthy and still growing and his tail is considered to grow around half an inch every month. Even if his tail doesn’t grow more, he still breaks the record for the longest cat tail.

According to his owner Dr. Will Powers, who is a family physician in Michigan, Cygnus is a very sweet and loving boy. He lets him do anything to him and is very energetic.

Whenever he is not sleeping he likes to chase the laser and play with other toys. He is such a good boy that he definitely helps with cleaning the dust around the house.

Even though his measurements are not documented by the Guiness World Records, one glimpse at his luxurious tail might be a good enough proof.

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