Louie the Friendly Cat Has More Than 10 Owners!

Louie is a stray cat loved by everyone in his neighborhood. This friendly and popular kitty has more than 10 owners.

This kitty couldn’t settle just for one family and instead stole the heart of everyone in his area. Since he is so sweet and pleasant, no matter which house he visited everyone loved him. All the neighbors take really good care of Louie. After all, he is the king of his neighborhood.

When the hurricane Irma hit Florida, everyone was really concerned about him and they made sure that he is safe. He is getting a royal treatment from every single family. He likes to follow them around and purr when he is getting some lovely scratches. One of the neighbors takes care of his flea treatments every single week. Others let him sleep in their garage when the weather is cold.

Louie is the neighborhood’s pet and receives good food and a lot of love and affection.

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