Meet Loki, the World’s Friendliest Vampire Cat & Instagram Sensation!

Any abnormality on cats regardless the reason can be cute. They can even attract foster parents, even the toughest ones that state they will never welcome an animal in their homes. This vampire cat stole her foster momma’s heart despite her pointy teeth and her strong will not to adopt a cat.

Show me those teeth you sweet Angel…

Well this vampire cat was called Angel when her foster mom first saw her, but once she placed a glance at her she knew the name didn’t fit. Kaetlyn met the vampire cat while she was working as a volunteer in an animal shelter - Chittenden County Humane Society in Vermont.

The first time she found out about this cat was when she saw a picture of her and the story saying that the kitty was living in an office drawer because the other cats at the shelter were bulling her. So naturally Kaetlyn had to go and see this toothy wonder for herself. She found Angel curled up in one of the drawers all furry and sweet and that is the minute she realized she had to adopt this vampire cat.

Once Kaetlyn took her home she knew that she had to give her a different name, to fit her with her appearance. Loki is what came up, the Norse God of Mischief. Now, Loki is living in her forever home all happy and satisfied. Kaetlyn says that Loki must have at least 10 years but nothing is known about her past, which doesn’t make any difference since this vampire cat is love unconditionally.

Loki has a small problem with one of her eyes and she can’t close it all the way through but that is no reason at all for her not to be all cheerful and cuddly most of the time.

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