This Litter Box Commercial Is Going to Make You Laugh Really Hard!

We all love our gorgeous and cuddly cats. They are amazing and so lovely that when you decide to get a cat the litter box is not something that crosses your mind. You think it’s not a big deal and you can handle it until you have your first encounter with the smelly box. To look on the bright side this Litter Box commercial introduces an amazing product named Scoopfree that should make everything much easier.

This is one of those commercials that you won’t want to skip. It will keep you interested from the very beginning to the end. The new litter box removes the feces automatically and these cats are really confused. They have no idea where did it go and they think that humans are using them for profit.

Did the video manage to crack you up? If you want to buy Scoopfree, you can get it via Amazon.


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  1. Hilarious!!!!! Thank you so much for the laugh! My three kitties watched this with me and now they’re even more wary of me if I go near the litter box. ???

  2. Hilarious commercial. BTW, the stabby place guy is involved in the Turd Black Market. If for some reason you don’t produce poop the humans will take you to him. He will give the humans some nasty stuff to make you poop.

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