Bubbles the Kitty Gives Her Human an Adorable Wake-Up Call

Having a cat is amazing, but the only downside is probably is having that unwanted morning feline alarm. Some days you simply don’t want to get up early however, your kitty doesn’t care. When they want something they will let us know whether we are sleeping or not. This lovely ginger kitten gives her human a really cute wake-up call.

Bubbles really loves his human daddy. He is his favorite human in the world and he follows him everywhere in the apartment. Bubbles doesn’t want his human to sleep so much since he is not getting his attention. He just can’t believe that he can just ignore him like that when he is ready to play. The fluffy ginger kitty just sits in front of his humans face and stares at him. His couple of meows were simply not enough to wake his daddy up. He’ll just have to keep on staring and hopefully it will do the trick.

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