A Kitty with Congenital Deafness Shows the World Her Adorable Chatters!

Mila the kitty has been suffering from congenital deafness her entire life. Ever since she was born she has been deaf, but that hasn’t stopped her from being just like any other cat.

What Mila is suffering from is usually something which is mostly common in white animals. It is interesting that if the cat has even one spot with a different color the chances of deafness are a lot smaller.

Another thing that makes Mila very special is the fact that one eye is green while the other one blue. This is known as heterochromia iridum and it happens because the white gene is blocking the pigment from reaching one of the eyes.

Mila though, is still a very beautiful and happy kitty. Regardless of her deafness she still does an amazing job when it comes to chattering and it sounds adorable.

Isn’t she stunning?

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