Kitten Born 4 Days Later Than the Others Brings Joy to Her Mourning Mother!

Shelby is a two years old cat mother that is really proud of her only kitten. Her life experiences have been tough, but she is now finally living peacefully.

She was found by a kind person who decided to provide food for her after she was abandoned. She gave birth to her kittens and they were all trapped and brought to a shelter. Purrfect Pals is a rescue group in Arlington, Washington managed to find a perfect foster family for all the kitties.

When she was taken to the vet to get spayed, they found out she was expecting another litter. Unfortunately the four kittens she gave birth to all passed away. However, on the day when her last baby Sparky passed away she gave birth to another kitten.

The kitten named Lizzie brought so much happiness for Shelby. Even though she was born 4 days later than the rest, she grew up into a healthy and strong kitten.

Photo Credits: The Critter Room

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