Open Job Position: Professional Cat Cuddler! Anyone?

Have you thought about adding a new job experience to your working resume? Well think about this new opening in Dublin, Ireland. A vet clinic has placed an ad for a professional cat cuddler! Yes, it is true.

You can now cuddle cats all day long for seven days a week and get paid for doing that. The description of the qualifications needed is pretty clear:

• soft and gentle hands are a must;
• you have to be patient to stroke cats all the time during your shift;
• you have to be nice and able to calm down the impatient cats in the clinic;
• if you have the ability to distinct different cat purring, well that’s a big plus for you!

Be A Professional Cat Cuddler!

If you think that you are meeting these qualifications and you believe that you are suitable for the job opening, by all means, apply for it! There are lots of cats that need cuddles while they are at the clinic and away from their human parents and for sure they will love your strokes. So why not make their visit to the clinic more comfortable and pleasant and get paid by doing so? If you are a crazy cat person, if you like petting and cuddling cats all the time and enjoy doing so and if you think you have the ability to cat whisper, then this is the job for you!

Update your passport, since this is in Ireland. If you already have a job or simply, Dublin is far away from your home; apply for this job at your closest animal shelter. There are a lot of shelters looking for a professional cat cuddler, and even if they only seek volunteers just remember you can make a lot of cats happy.

Official page of the Vet clinic

Business Insider

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