Japan Has Just Released a High Quality Cat Furniture Line!

Cat furniture has become quite a trend lately. However, IKEA is not the only company that has a line of adorable beds just for our lovely felines. Okawa Kagu from Japan has recently released a new line of high quality cat furniture and it looks amazing.

The Fukuoka prefecture has been the home for around 150 furniture-manufacturing companies. Okawa Kagu has clearly been aware how popular cats have become. They decided to create the furniture with the help of some local artisans.

Hiromatsu Company is the one in charge of the cute little sofa, while Tateno Mokuzai produced and designed the adorable bed. If you purchase the full size items you and your feline friend can have a perfect home. We are pretty sure that these two items would make any feline happy.

Aren’t they looking classy?

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