An Injured Stray Cat Meows at the Right Door! Wonderful Story!

One day a family got a surprisingly loud visit in front of their door by an injured stray cat.

An orange tabby with an injury on his left rear leg.

The Injured Stray Cat Asked for Help!

The occurrence happened on February 25th 2017. After hearing really loud meowing in front of their door the family was surprised by finding a stray cat with a very swollen and injured rear leg. The cat seemed to have meowed on the right door and the family took him to the vet after seeing the bad condition in which he was.

After examining him thoroughly and taking X-rays the vet concluded that he probably got his injury by another cat biting him and it got swollen because of an infection. Luckily there was no bone damage to the rear leg, but it had a bone fracture to the front leg which cause him to limp.

The Healing Process Has Begun!

The orange tubby had to stay at the hospital for two days where the vet started an antibiotic treatment. He was also given medication for internal and external parasites. The poor injured stray cat was full of fleas and ticks.

The lovely family picked him up from the hospital on the 27th of February and took him home where they continued the antibiotic treatment for another 5 days.

He was given intramuscular injections twice a day during those 5 days as well. Besides cleaning his wound by licking it probably more than 30 times a day, they also cleansed it with antiseptics 3 times a day.

In the beginning the cat was very weak and couldn’t stand on his left rear leg, but after the five-day treatment he was all ready to go out and run again. Since it was March, he was very eager to go outside and spent the next month chasing on females in the garden of his new family where he resides now.

Walter Santi via Youtube

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