Hungry Street Cat Finally Gets a Meal and Starts Making Amazing Gratitude Noises!

The hungry street cat was always hanging around the garage basement of the hero’s building. One day he decided to feed the poor cat and he recorded this little act of kindness.

From the video you can see clearly that the cat is pretty hungry. He comes out of his little hiding place and as soon as he spots him he starts making loud noises. Even after he starts munching on the delicious food, he doesn’t stop. It seems like he simply can’t thank this man enough for feeding him.

After having this lovely moment with the stray cat, the man began feeding the cat every day. He finally receives the love and attention he clearly needed. These stray animals deserve just as much love and care as any other pet.

Do you think he is making the noises out of gratitude?

Let us know you opinions in the comments.


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  1. If you read anything about stray or feral cats, especially ones that have been fending for themselves outdoors, the type of meows while he’s eating is a defensive mechanism! It is a warning to stay away from his food…he is “claiming” it! He does seem to be doing a lot of talking though, so I think he is trying to tell you about his troubles! I have had cats all my life and four years ago, got involved with a feral cat colony in my neighborhood. I got them all fixed…there were 13 at one time, but now we are down to 6 outside that come for food everyday. One of the 13 ferals, Punkin, adopted me when she just walked into my house one day and curled up on the couch to sleep! Another of the ferals came limping one day, so we trapped her again and got her to the vet, who said she had a congenital defect in her right hind leg that makes it painful for her to run! He said she would not survive the winter, would get hit by a car, or become food for a larger predator, so he recommended putting her down to prevent a long, drawn out, painful death…or I could keep her as an inside cat! Well, I knew Lady since she was about 6 weeks old when her mom brought them all to me and the defect was not visible, so I adopted her too! She and Punkin are sisters so they have each other and they visit everyday with the rest of the family everyday at mealtime. Their Mama even walked into my house once to check out where her babies were living, but promptly wanted to go back outside to Papa, Jack, Callie, Jake and Little Guy. I got all them all TVNR’d and they have winterized houses and a feeding station! I feed them, monitor their health and provide the winter houses! They come running when called, allow me to pet them, rub my legs, roll on the ground and blink at me, but if I make a noise or sudden move, they scatter! I am just doing what I can for the abused or abandoned cats in my neighborhood, but I get great satisfaction just watching them come running when I call them! I may not be able to hug them or cuddle them, I know they appreciate the care with all the blinking and showing of bellies! Need to read up on cat behavior to understand them!

  2. Linda is correct. While the “hero” seemed to mean well by feeding this poor kitty, he stood too close to her while filming and kept walking around her while she was trying to eat. Kitty obviously felt threatened and uncomfortable which is why she kept vocalizing. Stray cats often crave affection just as much as food, but they have to be given the time and space to learn to trust and relax around you. I’m grateful there are people kind enough to care for strays, and I hope this guy learned a little bit about them from this experience.

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