House Cat Begged His Humans to Let the Stray Kitten Inside… It Turned Out To Be Something Else!

Kitties are kitties and no matter how small or big, they are always going to be absolutely gorgeous. Cats might not see much of a difference, but when it comes to us humans we can definitely distinguish a domestic cat and a wild cat. This house cat begged his humans to let his new friend inside, but little did he know this was never going to happen.

Of course, it is not because his humans are mean and don’t want him to have friends, but because his new buddy can be dangerous. The ginger kitty was waiting at the window when his humans saw the bobcat outside. They seem really interested in each other, but unfortunately the two will have to maintain their friendship behind the glass.

Would you dare to let the bobcat inside?

Let us know what you would do in the comments below.

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