Homeless Kitten Walks up to a Skateboarder! 1 Year Later…

When a homeless kitten walked up to Casey Shaw, she was looking for some food and affection.

Casey found Margot one day when he was our skateboarding. As soon as she saw him, she immediately walked up to him. The poor kitten was not in good shape. She was very dirty, her nose was running and she was constantly sneezing and sniffling.

He knew that she needs his help so he placed her in a crate and took her to the vet right away. The 5 weeks-old kitten had mites, upper respiratory infection and an eye infection. Casey decided to adopt her and give her everything she needs.

In just a couple of days Margot was feeling much better. She recovered very quickly and was ready to play and cuddle all the time.

A year later, she grew into a beautiful kitty living in a happy home with a loving family.

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