Home Alone Cat Version! Cat Michael Is as Genius as Kevin!

Home Alone is one of the classic movies that people love to watch during the Holidays. In his Home alone cat version Aaron Benitez has shown the world that his cat Michael is as genius as Kevin.

When he spots the burglars in the neighboring house, after his human and best buddy Phil leave for Hawaii, Michael knows what needs to be done. He is not going to let anyone get into his house and take away all the yummy cat foot. At least not on his watch.

He places a very well-planned trap so when they come in, they’ll regret that they even though about stealing something from his house. The yarn trap was not enough and one of the burglars was clearly well-trained. Michael though, was a step ahead and knew that no cat can resist a good-old laser toy.

There is clearly no need to worry if you leave Michael alone, he will always keep the house safe.

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