Guy Was Looking for a Home for This Stray Kitty, but She Already Made Her Decision!

When the reddit user Gabulldawgfan went to work he had no idea that he will have an encounter with a lovely white and gray cat. He found the stray kitty in his boss’ truck and decided to help her.

He wanted to find a home for his new feline friend, but in the meantime he took her at his place in order to take care of her. Knowing that he might get attached he didn’t want to give her a name. However, this kitty had no plan on leaving her rescuer’s side. Being unable to resist her he decided to keep the beautiful kitty and named her Pricilla. She even gets along really well with his other pets. His dog and cat Gizmo have accepted her and together they make one really happy family.

Would you be able to give her up seeing how adorable she is?

Let us know in the comments below.

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