Ginger Kitten Transforms a Cat Hater into a Cat Lover!

A ginger kitten came into the life of a man who never thought of adopting a cat. His daughter Katherine, who is a passionate fosterer, brought the little boy over to their house and the kitten managed to steal their hearts.

They renamed the kitten into Thomas and ever since he became a part of their family, he started to get under her dad’s skin. No matter how much he didn’t want the kitten in the first place, the kitten was constantly cuddling with him. Unfortunately due to a condition called Feline Infectious Peritonitis the kitten passed away.

Katherine’s parents were completely heartbroken from the loss and didn’t think that they could adopt another cat ever again. This was until Katherine came across another ginger kitten. She had a feeling that her parents would fall in love with him and indeed they did. Tigger became a part of their life and loves to snuggle with her dad as much as Thomas did.

Photo Credits: Katherine via @KittensForDays

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