Funny Tutorial: How to Get a Kitty Belly!

There’s something about kitty belly rubs that just feels so good and no it doesn’t just feel great for the cat.

Being able to touch the soft and delicate fur on the kitty belly just fills our heart with joy. They won’t let you touch it whenever you want though. The belly rubs happen only if they want it to happen. We all know the drill with that. I mean it’s not like we own them, it’s more like they own us. Humans whose only purpose is to serve them.

Reasons Why Kitty Belly Rubs Happen!

Not every cat wants to have her tummy touched. Their tummies are their most vulnerable part and they are not so eager to expose it to humans. If your cat likes to lay on her back and let you enjoy that belly than consider yourself lucky.

Just because your cat is laying on her back and lets you rub her belly doesn’t mean she won’t ‘attack’ your arm. Cats like to grab and hold on t the arm pushing it with their back paws and nibbling on it. They don’t mean to harm you they are just being playful and your arm is their prey.

Sometimes cats like to test us. With laying down and exposing her belly she can wait and see what you are going to do and whether or not you are worthy of her trust. Cats don’t let people touch their underside if they don’t have complete trust in them.

One of the purrfectly understandable reasons is that they just like to have their belly rubbed. It makes them purr and feel good, but they’ll have it for as long as they like not a second more. Sometimes it is also possible that they just happen to have an itch down the tummy and you are doing them a favour by scratching them.

Whatever the reason is we are really grateful that they trust us enough to let us pet those gorgeous soft little bellies. Enjoy the video below and learn how to get a soft kitty belly.

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