Foot Warmer - a Discovery That Made the Life of these Cats More Enjoyable!

Two cats cannot thank enough their parents for being cold in the winter. The parent of Tara and Saba decided to buy a foot warmer so that she can easily cope with the winter cold. However the cats cannot get away from this new item in the households. It is all that a cat needs.

The foot warmer has a peach color and is soft and fluffy. I mean, who would not want to snuggle in it and spend the winter there? Since the parent purchased this carpet, she cannot take the cats out of it. When it is turned on, they sleep in it hugged together.

They actually spend all the snowy winter days in it. They lie in it in all possible positions; they yawn in it and hug. In fact, you can find them in all positions and situations, and they do not care about it. They are so exhilarated with this new discovery, that the rest of the world does not exist.

Photo Credits: kokonananya

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