First Time Pet Owner? Stop Panicking!

To start, we should mention that when choosing a pet you should consider adopting a pet from a shelter, for one – you are saving a life – second- it is cheaper from the ones of a breeder. The shelter pets are already vaccinated and micro-chipped, which means the vet has already checked them. Do not choose the nearest to you - vet. Do your research, there is a great variety of veterinarian fees, since a simple visit to the vet may cost more than expected. There is a saying: “Are you choosing a vet or a pet?” Makes sense, doesn’t it? As a first time pet owner you should get to know your vet better.

Tips for Puppies

If a puppy is your choice you should know that you should be very patient with it once bringing it home. Your new buddy will be very confused of the new surroundings. Make a dog space and an area in your home just for the dog and make sure it will be a kind of a dog proof, something like a safe zone for it to get used to. Remember that training starts from day one since the pup enters your home so be patient with the potty training, directions and commands giving, this takes time but it is worth it.

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Ask about the kind of diet your dog had in his previous home and if it had any kind of exercise routines. Every day, as a first time pet owner you should take one step at a time. Give yourself and the pup space so you can get used to each other. For easier adjustments and happier future with your dog, make sure you stick to the plans that you made at the beginning when you first brought the pup in your home. This way is less confusing and easy to remember.

Tips for Kitties

If cats are your pet’s choice, be aware that unlike dogs they are very territorial. They too will get confused with the new surroundings so you need to choose a small area, the bathroom will be just fine, for the first few days. Provide the room with cat food and fresh water, but also make sure you get a comfortable place to sit and cuddle with your new kitten.

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Make sure you locate the food/water dishes away from the litter box. The interesting thing is that cats need their time alone, so make sure it has a closed boxy home where it can spend time, but the box should be overlooking the living room where you will be present. Also, make sure its boxy home has a scratch relief floor so the cat won’t scratch your sofa or chairs. If possible get your cat a cat tree, a place where it can climb and jump around the room.

Don’t Get Seduced by the Flashing Commercials about Pet Products…

Seems amusing and stress free, shopping and getting all those fancy things for your new pet and the admiring looks of passersby, after all you are a first time pet owner, but have you noticed your check book? Sure, it’s cool to get a new leash or a new doggy blouse or a new bed for your pet, a new ribbon for your kitten, but in time you will notice that they will outgrow them and you will have to get your wallet out again…

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To save yourself the headache and money, try the garage sales or second hand pet shops. These shops are filled with items that your pet needs, just make sure they are previously disinfected with pet approved cleaners.

All in all, being a first time pet owner may sound scary and frightening, but remember the joy and happiness that awaits you in the future.

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