First Meeting in the House: Senior Cat vs New Kitten!

When you bring a new kitty into your home it might be a really exciting moment for you. However, this doesn’t mean that your old cat and the new family member are going to enjoy it as much as you do. In the senior cat vs new kitten video, you can see just how confusing this moment can be for them.

Even though these two kitties are not aggressive towards each other, you can see that one of them is not having the best time. The little kitten looks pretty freaked out by Scooter the senior cat. Scooter wants to sniff the little kitten and get to know him better. The kitten on the other hand doesn’t want him so close.

It seems like the whole sniffing situation is making the kitten really uncomfortable. He is pretty vocal about it and wants Scooter to give him some personal space.

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