Feral Cat Surprises the Woman Who Fed Her by Revealing Her Son & 4 Other Lovely Kittens!

Not every feral cat wants to be around humans. They like to keep their distance and Cookie was not an exception.

A woman was persistent enough and managed to gain her trust. She was feeding her for a good while until one day in spring, Cookie gave her a visit with one more fellow. Unlike his mommy the kitten named Scrappy was not as wild.

She managed to bring both cats home and one morning there was a big surprise waiting for her. Cookie gave birth to 4 kittens named Stuart, Patches, Pudge, and Cashew. The cat which didn’t want to be anywhere near humans now had complete trust in her. Now the woman has given a happy and forever home to all of them. They are able to finally live in a forever home without being scared from humans.

Isn’t this amazing?

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Photo Credits: shaunesphoto via Imgur

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