After Feeding Stray Cats for a While, Man Gets a Lovely Surprise!

Robin Sepult is well-known when it comes to his generosity towards stray cats. He makes sure that their tummies are full, but this time a kitty had an adorable surprise for him.

Cats which live on the streets can have a really hard time finding both food and shelter. This is why it is very important for us humans to try and help them as much as we can. Especially in these cold winter days.

Sepult is not able to feed every cat in his area, but he makes sure that he feeds every single one on his street. This time when he went out to feed the cats he found one curled up under a chestnut tree. She was guarding her little newborn kitten, while the kitten was sound asleep.

Just a couple of hours later the little feline family found a foster home. The kitty was able to raise her baby in a safe and carefree environment.

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