Top 5 Most Popular Cat Cartoon Characters of All Time! Your Favorite?

As soon as you read this title you will probably already guess some of the characters that are in this top 5 list, and if you didn’t, I’m sure you will be familiar with at least some of them. Not only that we can’t get enough of cats in real life, we also can’t get enough of fictional cats either. These are just five most well known cat cartoon characters out of a list that can go on forever.

1. Snowball II

Snowball was the second family cat on the show called the Simpson’s. Ironically, it was a black female cat that got her name after the first family cat Snowball I who was actually white. The actual owner of Snowball II is Lisa.

2. Scratchy

Scratchy is a male fictional black cat. The cartoon that Scratchy appears in is basically a parody of Tom and Jerry in which Scratchy tries to catch Itchy, but he always ends up getting hurt really badly or occasionally gets killed by Itchy. There are literally just a couple of episodes in which he doesn’t get hurt.

3. Garfield

Garfield is one of the most epic cat cartoon characters of all times. The first appearance was in a comic strip though there are animated series and live-action movies about him. The first appearance he had as a character was in June 19th 1978. Garfield is a male orange tabby cat that loves pizza and lasagne. He was born in an Italian restaurant so that’s where Garfield’s love for Italian food comes from. Garfield is a lazy and fat cat that likes to sleep and eat in his “free” time. He is sarcastic and pessimistic, a narcissist and a little bit sadistic.

4. Tom

There’s probably very few that haven’t heard of Tom and Jerry. A cartoon in which Tom the cat is constantly trying to catch Jerry which is a mouse. The first appearance of Tom was on the 10th of February 1940. At the beginning he had regular cat intelligence, but later on he got human intelligence and started to set traps and think of complicated plans how to catch Jerry. He usually fails and only in a few episodes he manages to catch and outwit the mouse.

5. Felix The Cat

Felix is a character created by Otto Messmer and at the time when he was created Felix was more popular than the silent movie stars. He is a black cat with very wide, big eyes who always carries around a magic yellow bag. He likes to go on adventures in which he gets out of any trouble thanks to his magic bag full of tricks.

What were your favorite childhood cat cartoon characters? Let us know!

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