Everything I Learned from My First Meeting with a Hairless Sphynx Cat!

Are you into weird pets?! I am talking about unconventional, unordinary, not your average, normal pets! Well, in this case I am referring to CATS, or, to be more precise hairless Sphynx cat!

Oh my God the first time I saw this cat it looked like an alien cat; that is the weirdest it can get. I was so scared and grossed to look at it, let alone touch it. But I was polite to the owner so I let the Sphynx cat named Cleo stay in my lap the whole time I was visiting.

So, here’s what I learned about my new naked friend:

They love to cuddle and be around people, they like warmth even though they are warmer than your average cat, 4 degrees to be precise! – How about that? They need to keep warm because of their ‘’nakedness’’! If you are away most of the day you should consider having a special part of your home with the heater on where you will keep your hairless Sphynx cat or purchasing a heated cat igloo. They use every opportunity to be with, around, or near their owner as much as possible. Hey, they even sleep with their owners in their beds under their covers! I mean talk about love…

If you are away a lot from your home, you should consider getting another low-maintenance cat or just get another Sphynx and, eventually they will become best buddies, but make no mistake, once you are back home you will be their number one!

As every cat, this one too needs its beauty time. Even though they don’t have fur they need grooming and bathing – at least once a week! If you don’t wash them, they leave oily - brownish stains from their sweat and saliva on your sofa, chairs, bed sheets… BUT, these cats love bath time, they even enjoy it!

Once they had had their bath it is time for their pedicure and ear cleaning – nasty, but necessary, having no fur leaves them helpless from the filth and bacteria that they pick up from the ground and that’s why they need their owner’s attention more, just like little babies; hey, their skin is even soft like baby’s.

Feeding time…

Once you get to know their personality, you will find out that you will have to reach for your wallet little deeper when buying food for these felines. They need specialized fur free cat food or if you want a better beneficiary diet for your pet, you would reach for the raw food diet; and I am talking about organic meats made available by your local butchers. Heads up: they eat a lot!!!

They need a water bowl filled up 24/7 since they drink a lot of water; it helps them regulate their body temperature.

I fell in love with a Hairless Sphynx Cat!

As I was patting its smooth and colorful – patterned soft skin I fell in love with my new friend and I started making plans - I should get this feline, it will give its unconditional love and attention to me…my eyes started watering and my throat started closing and itching, I wanted to spill my guts… the cat farted on my lap and it was the worst smell I ever felt! Talk about unconditional love…

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Featured image credits: Quinton Moran via Flickr

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