Experiment: How High Can One Lynx Jump?

While studying lynx at the Polar Zoo, the Deadly 60 team witnessed an incredible 2 meters high lynx jump.

Unlike a lot of their relatives lynx are not great runners. Instead, they love lurking in the trees and then jumping down on their prey. They are big cats which can very easily climb almost vertical trees thanks to their retractable claws. This is why grabbing the piece of meat that Steve Backshall placed high on the tree was a very easy task.

In his little experiment, Backshall also suspends a chunk of meat over 2 meters high in the air. Once again, the lynx showed him that they can handle this challenge with ease. It is not a big surprise that these cats were able to do it. After all, this is what lynx do on a daily basis in the wild. They jump really high in the air in order to strike birds which are taking off the ground.

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