Excited Kitten Does an Amazing Ninja Flip LIVE on TV!

Little kittens can be very energetic and playful especially if there are toys are involved, just like this excited kitten whose energy will keep you entertained.

Meet Mr. Meowgi - the Excited Kitten!

The lovely kitten appeared on TV during Good Day Atlanta in the section Pet of the day. Sarah from the Humane Society of Cobb County was a guest on the show with a lovely brown tabby. He was entertaining her and the caster while they played with him with a cat toy.

The excited kitten was so full of energy and really eager to play. In a playful moment as soon as they go live he was being amused by the toy and he back flips off the desk. Sarah reveals that his name is Mr. Meowgi and we are not surprised why. With those back flip skills and probably a lot more that he hasn’t shown us yet he can be the next Karate Kitten.

He Found His Furrever Home!

The brown tabby was a couple of months old when he was on the show and not yet ready for adoption. No need to worry though, since some time later he did get adopted and his family is very proud of him. They adopted another kitten besides Mr. Meowgi and both cats live a happy life with their new family.

His owners believe that he is rather picky when it comes to sharing his affections and being pet. He does as he wants and if he doesn’t want to be pet he won’t let you pet him. What he got famous for though, doing leaps and back flips is something he is still good at. His owner believes that he is really good at doing stunts and we don’t doubt his words.

Mr. Meowgi just like every kitten deserved to get a forever home and a family willing to give him all the love he needs.

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