You know the feeling when you come into a person’s home and you have to put up with their cat or dog? I know, you are an animal lover to da bone, but you really are a dog’s person and you don’t need all the meowing and the laziness of another’s person cat. Like you didn’t have enough problems already, did ya? Or vice versa. You are an indoors kinda gal/dude and you have to put up with a dog’s jumping up and down and the whole joyfulness? So, I strongly recommend to read a little bit more about the eternal fight: cat lovers vs dog lovers.

Personality Differences of cat lovers vs dog lovers

There are more dog than cat people. It’s a fact, sorry. Is because we are cooler?! I think it’s the main reason. Dog people are friendlier and more of extroverts than people, who prefer to be left alone. Dog people are the more confident and dominant ones in comparison with cat people.

In addition to the cat lovers vs dog lovers fight, I have to point another thing out. Cat lovers are the more intelligent people. It’s not me, it’s psychologists. Cat people will make sure that you (mere dog’s person) know this fact as well as that cats are more intelligent than dogs.

But, more intelligent or not, they (cat lovers) are more prone to neurotic disorders than dog lovers. Maybe it’s the whole laziness and introversion, don’t ya reckon?!

A study has shown that cat owners are a third more likely to live alone than dog people. Crazy single cat lady syndrome. A classic one. Also, cat lovers are twice as likely to live in an apartment rather than a house.

So, if you don’t wanna stay single and eat take out on a Saturday night your whole life, get yourself a doggie dog and take him/her for a walk. Worst case scenario you’ll meet another crazy dog owner.

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