Emma Watson Plays With Kittens & Just Wants Them All!

A must watch video: Emma Watson plays with kittens! This interview was recorded at Buzzfeed and is every cat lover and Harry Potter fan dream come true. In the video while petting the absolutely adorable kittens she is answering fan questions.

The Emma Watson and kittens combo is most definitely one of the cutest things you will see today.

Most of the questions from the interview are Beauty and the Beast related. She tells us that the only souvenir that she took from the set is a ring. Emma was wearing a ring on her little finger which was given to her by her mother. The costume designer of the film was inspired to make one for Bella as well. The ring would be from her mother that passed away when she was very young.

They tried to stay as closest to the original story as possible and the character as well. The only thing that was changed was that they made Belle an inventor. She invented a washing machine where she would read while doing the laundry.

She believes that there are similarities between Belle and Hermione. According to her they are both “super smart, but they also have incredible empathy and compassion”. Emma Watson has been a very motivating and inspiring public figure and also a feminist. In the same fashion she would teach her daughter “never to underestimate her own power”.

She thinks that young women are wrong to think that women don’t need feminism anymore. We shouldn’t think that we live in a post-feminist society and fight for equality. This way when young women get out in the world they won’t be shocked that they don’t get paid the same and are treated differently.

The end of the video where Emma Watson plays with kittens is just as adorable as its beginning and she just doesn’t want to say goodbye to the furry balls. She simply doesn’t want it to be over and neither do we.

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