Cute Congo African Grey Parrot Invites You to Have Some Cookies!

Parrots can be really noisy at times and this Congo African Grey parrot is not an exception. Einstein the Talking Texan parrot has a little speech prepared for dinner time.

He managed to pick some really good lines from his humans and now he is sharing them with his imaginary friends.

His ability to mimic human speech is definitely outstanding. If you were looking for someone to host your dinner party, he might be the just right guy to call. Einstein would offer some grapes and cookies to everyone and every now and then some corn. He knows what is best for him and since he is so kind, he would give the same to the guests.

He has been hatched in captivity on June 15, 1997 and ever since he has been entertaining everyone.

Would you love to have a birdie just like Einstein?

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