Dream Job? A Dog Walker Makes on Average $15 an Hour per Dog!

There are all sorts of crazy ways to earn money nowadays. I’ve stumbled upon ads for professional sleepers, drug testers, guys paid to determine the gender of newborn chicks, even professional mourners. Can you imagine something so sad? Nobody there to come and cry for you, so your friend (if you have any) has to hire somebody to sob and act all sad when you are dеad. Be nice to your people, I say, so things won’t have to reach that point. On the bright side, people who are not dead, tend to be very busy and can’t find time to walk their dogs. That’s when a dog walker steps in, to make some easy money, and of course, hang out with your precious little furry fellow.

Photo Credits: Julio Cortez

Now you are probably wondering how much would this luxury cost you. Well, lazy bones, you’ll have to spare around 15/20$ an hour for such a pleasantry, depending on the length of the journey your dog will take. For half an hour you’ll have to pay round 10 bucks. A good reason to start thinking the other way round - why don’t you start working as a dog walker?

Sam Williamson, a Professional Dog Walker Makes around 34K a Year!

She was just a regular girl, trying to get some extra cash, while spending some serious time outside. All of us do, but she made a business out of it. Namely, her idea was to walk dogs for money. It was a hobby that she enjoyed which turned into a blooming business. She now makes around $34,000 a year, for a 20 hour-a-week hitchike with a bunch of woof-woofs. A dog walker can’t be just anybody. You don’t need to go to a dog walker school, but you do need a license, and to undergo training so if a big angry fella comes running and you don’t let go off the leashes running and screaming around like a princess. A trained professional is someone who knows how to handle dogs well, how to react when dogs start to misbehave and doesn’t cry when another dog comes and tries to attack one or all of your buddies.

People who are more available, especially on weekdays, are more likely to get the dog-walk-call. Take it as a good night/day jog accompanied by lots and lots of wagging tails and barking around. It will do wonders for your figure and for your wallet of course.

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