Surprise Visit! Cat Brings Her Special Friend Home!

There’s nothing cuter than an animal friendship. The owners of this cat were probably just as shocked as we are after seeing her special friend who tagged along and came home with her.

It is quite good when the house has a cat door through which your cat can go in and out of the house whenever she pleases. This little house feature though, gives her the liberty to bring home her lovely friends. Sometimes the friends might not be what you expected.

You won’t be surprised to see another cat coming in your house, but if you see a fawn you probably won’t know how to react. These two friends were caught on camera coming in through the cat door and the little fawn seems quite interested in his friend’s home.

What would you do if you saw a fawn in your house?

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  1. Why does time go backwards in the video? The cat appears coming through the door at 8:18 am and the deer comes through the door at 8:17 am.

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