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Lovely Dog Takes Care of Abandoned Little Kittens on the Street!

Compassion Without Borders is an animal welfare group which provides assistance to unwanted animals in Mexico and also lower-income communities in California. They try to help animals which desperately need what this non-profit organization provides. In one of their videos, their sweet dog takes care of a litter of abandoned kittens.

The kitties were left in a box in front of their clinic in Mexico. The adorable black lab mix really wanted to make sure that the kittens are OK. She did everything that was in her power to keep the kitties on the sidewalk and prevented them from walking on the street. Reyna instantly became their babysitter even though the kitties seem a little bit scared of her. She on the other hand, looks quite happy and excited that she found four new friends.

The lovely black lab has found a forever home and now lives a happy life in Northern California.

We are down in Mexico and look what was left in front of our clinic - a box full of abandoned kittens.It seems they had their own watchdog looking after them, too. Sweet Reyna, the black lab mix in this video. Reyna was thrown out of a moving car in front of our clinic and has since become the clinic dog, although she is heading north for adoption this weekend.Reyna diligently stood in front of the box of kittens and ushered them back toward the clinic anytime they were starting to wander off, keeping them off the road and out of danger.We are grateful the kittens are safe and we are grateful to Reyna for helping to keep them that way.Compassion Knows No

Posted by Compassion Without Borders on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

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