Dog Can’t Stop Crying When He Sees His Mommy Sad!

The sweet puppy from this video can’t stand when his human is not happy. After seeing her sad, the dog simply can’t stop crying. Our dogs are great observers so they will easily see that there is something wrong. They are our loyal companions for a reason, so they will do whatever it takes to protect us.

The 5 months-old Alaskan Malamute loves his mommy more than anything else in the world. He wants her to be cheerful and happy at all times. In this video when he hears her crying, he starts whining and barking. He doesn’t stop until she feels better. Elvis would do whatever is in his power to make his human feel good again and he probably always succeeds at cheering her up.

We bet that with a pet as sweet as Elvis, it would be impossible not to smile in the end.

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