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Dog Meows at His Feline Friend, but Fails to Impress Her!

There is proof all around the internet, that animals sometimes have identity crisis. This is just another example of that. This dog meows at his feline friend and probably thinks that he is nailing it… The cat on the other hand doesn’t seem too impressed.

We are not sure what this silly dog is trying to achieve. He clearly thinks that he is doing really well with the meowing, but his friend doesn’t share his opinion. Instead, she looks like she wants to slap him right on the face and get him back to reality. He is not a cat and maybe she just wants him to realize this for once. After all, his meows are pretty loud and all the kitty wants is to chill and take naps, not listen to his constant howling.

Do you think he’ll find out that he’s not a kitty?

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