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Dog Finds a Box Full of Kittens and Becomes Their New Daddy

When Aragon was taking a walk with his family he noticed something on the side of the road. This loving and caring dog finds a box full of kittens that were abandoned.

Aragon’s mom is volunteer at SCARS and she regularly finds empty boxes, near the mountain Immitos, Greece. Animals who get abandoned there, easily become food for the predators which live in the mountains.

The four kittens were really lucky that they were found by such a sweet dog as Aragon. As a rescue dog himself, he knew just how important it is for this little kittens to feel loved and safe. The kittens didn’t mind at all that they have a dog as their foster dad. They immediately got attached to him and they really enjoy playing with him and his brother. He became the perfect foster dad for the precious little tuxedo kittens.

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