DIY Project: Indoor Cat Litter Box! Very Easy To Do!

With this little DIY indoor cat litter box project you will be able to transform your cat litter box area into a little cat garden.

No one likes to have the litter boxes close to their regular living space. This happens not only because of the smell, but also the litter dust and the mess that cats like to make while using the litter box. With this DIY you will make the litter area a lot more appealing not just for yourself, but also for your cat.

This whole project should cost you around $300 and you wouldn’t need to break a sweat while doing it since it is so easy.

All the necessary supplies for the indoor cat litter box are:

• Indoor or outdoor rug
• Small garden cart and cat litter
• Plants (make sure they are cat-safe such as Gerber daisies, Dill, Rosemary, Lemon button fern, Boston Fern, Basil); planters and small plastic containers; a trellis; small wooden garden stool
• Drill; screwdriver; screws

Placing the rug and the litter box is entirely optional. The only thing that you need to work a bit harder on in this project is the trellis. The ends need to be sown off and you should screw the small plastic containers in the trellis. In these plastic containers you place the little pots with basil, mini Boston fern, mini lemon fern and dill. Where exactly you would place the trellis on the wall is optional, but you will need to drill holes in the wall and the trellis. With the screws you affix the trellis onto the wall.

After finishing up this part, the only thing left is to do the decorations. On the right of the litter box area the small garden cart is placed. It serves as little shelves and the top is perfect for storing the cat litter. On the other shelves you can place little plants.

To finish up the decorating the indoor cat litter box garden, on the two far ends of the litter boxes place two Boston Ferns. Add some Gerbera daisies, basil and lemon button fern as well to create the perfect garden sanctuary for your cat.

• The Cat Nip Times

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