Scientists Discovered: Cat Purrs Have Healing Powers!

It is widely known that when a cat purrs, she does it out of pleasure. Little did we all know is that there is actually a whole other reason behind their purring. We are sure that most humans have never even heard of it until now.

Scientist have come to a great discovery that low frequency purrs can promote bone regeneration. Their purring can be an efficient way in which they can heal their bones and muscles.

Astronauts in space lose a lot of their muscle density. With purr-like vibration devices, astronauts may be able to regenerate their muscles. It hasn’t been proven yet if it actually works, but it seems like our sweet feline’s purrs can be healing in a lot of ways.

After all, listening to our cat purr and feeling it makes us feel calmer. It is also believed, that is can lower our blood pressure.

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