Disabled Stray Cat Finally Gets the Help He Desperately Needed!

A disabled stray cat was wandering on the streets of Seoul, South Korea. Due to the problem with his forelegs, Jina had to drag himself around looking for food and shelter.

He was fed by the residents of a building where he spent most of his time. He was really playful and loving, but one particular resident was really worried about him. Because of the way he moves around, the fur on his elbows was completely gone and the skin would occasionally bleed so she took him to the vet.

They believe that he has had this condition since he was born, but it didn’t stop them from finding him a new family. A Korean rapper called Cheetah decided to adopt Jina. They even got him special little shoes with which he can move around without irritating the skin.

Did it bring tears to your eyes?

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