Cute Maine Coon Cat Desperately Wants That Bath You Promised! She Finally Gets What She Wants!

Yes you heard it right. Believe it or not this cute Maine Coon cat actually really wants to have a bath.

Most cats become extremely difficult when it comes to taking baths. They usually leave us exhausted and in a lot of pain. It’s good that giving them baths is not a necessity. Giving them a bath should only happen if the cat is really dirty and can’t take care of it herself. Cats like to devote a good amount of time just for grooming themselves. That’s why regardless of us giving them regular baths or not cats are still going to be as clean as ever.

Why This Cute Maine Coon Cat Like Her Baths So Much?

The reason behind this is so simple. There are cats that actually like taking baths and really like being around water. Some cat breeds just naturally show a lot more affinity for it than most cats. Some of those breeds are American Shorthair, Turkish Van, Bengal, Turkish Angora and the American Bobtail. Having the affinity to play with water is probably the only thing all of these cats have in common.

A lot of cat owners have trouble with the fact that the Maine Coon is going to play with water no matter if it’s for drinking nor from the toilet. Plenty of times they just love to play with their water bowl making a wet mess all around. Keep in mind to put their water bowl into some sort of a larger container to stop the spilling of the water on the floor. Also, make sure you don’t forget to put the lid of the toilet seat down.

This cute Maine Coon cat is just like any other of her breed. Loves to take her bath and play in the water. To see one begging for her bath just proves how much these cats love to be in the water.

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