WARNING: Cuteness Overload! Bobcats vs Ball Pits Video!

The Bobcats vs Ball Pits video went viral right after it got posted. Big cat rescue regularly publishes adorable videos of all sorts of big cats. In this particular one though, a couple of Bobcats fall in love with a ball pit.

Bobcat Facts!

Bobcats are a part of the Lynx genus and are medium-sized cats. They seem to be around twice the size of a regular house cat. Their scientific name is Lynx rufus, but they are called Bobcats after their tail because it looks like it has been cut.

The Bobcats are solitary and nocturnal animals and are rarely spotted by humans. They are really good hunters and are great at being stealthy. Bobcats like to hunt at dawn and at dusk. They can be found in North America and are not an endangered species.

Bobcats vs Ball Pits and Catnip!

The 3 and a half minute video called Bobcats vs Ball Pits shows us just how adorable and lovely Bobcats can be. Published on the 8th of this month the video currently has over 41,000 views only on YouTube. In the video Big cat rescue shows us a couple of Bobcats having a blast in a Ball pit. The ball pit is filled with colourful toilet paper rolls. The secret ingredient in this video is the catnip, but shush don’t tell the Bobcats. Max and Mary Ann are the lovely Bobcats that appear in the video. They are completely in love with the ball pit and just roll in it and rub themselves from the toilet rolls looking absolutely adorable.

The Big Cat Rescue is an animal sanctuary. Located in Tampa, Florida, United States, the sanctuary takes care of injured or orphaned wild cats. They are a non-breeding sanctuary and anyone that wants to can donate to them and help these beautiful wild kittens.

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