A Couple Created a Mega Bed So All of Their Pets Can Sleep With Them!

When you have a bunch of pets it is pretty much impossible to fit them all in your bed. This couple found a perfect solution for this and created a mega bed.

A regular king-size bed didn’t fit all of the pets the Reddit user and his girlfriend have. In order to solve this little inconvenience they made a master plan and built a huge bed for their big family. The couple has five cats and two dogs, which now have the opportunity to snuggle with their humans every night.

The bed consists of one king bed and one full bed and together they are literally 75 square feet. The large bed looks really comfy and anyone who has lots of pets would definitely love to have as well.

Isn’t this genius?

Check out the mega bed below and see the photos of the squad.

At last, let us know what you think of this in the comment section below.

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