Couple Decides to Adopt Shelter Cat, but She Doesn’t Want to Leave Without Her BFF!

When James and his girlfriend first visited the STAR Rescue in Gainesville, FL, they wanted to adopt a dog. However, they ended up changing their mind and decided to adopt shelter cat instead.

They immediately fell in love with the sweet Luna who is a Maine Coon. Her best friend Louie on the other hand is a ginger tabby. These two kitties were brought to the shelter separately, but soon became really close buddies. Knowing that Luna has such a good friend at the shelter, the couple simply couldn’t leave Louie behind. They adopted both kitties and the two have been constantly together ever since.

They eat, sleep and play together. Nevertheless, what they love to do the most together is cuddling. Their humans think that they like each other a lot more than they like them, but they don’t mind that at all. They are happy that they were able to give the two lovebirds a happy and forever home.

These two need to get a room!

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