Cougar Kittens Caught Playing with the Dogs in the House!

It has been proven on multiple occasions that cats and dogs can be good friends. However, the examples are usually including domestic cats. In the video below cougar kittens play with dogs. They show us that it does not matter if it is domestic or wild cats, they can still get along with their canine buddies.

As you can see, these cougar kittens are full of energy and love to play. They don’t only want to play with each other, they want to include everyone nearby. The 2 months-old kittens even like playing with the dogs. Wrestling is clearly one of their favorite things to do. It is unfortunate that the dogs are not so into it. Instead of wrestling with the kittens one of the dogs tried to give them a little bath.

The best part of the video is probably the end where you can hear their adorable and loud purrs.

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