This Guy Gets Chorus of Cats Singing on His Porch Everyday!

Corey Karmann lives every cat lover’s dream and shares his farm with twelve kitties. Probably the best part about it is having a chorus of cats singing before dinner time every single day.

Corey is very grateful that the cats keep the mice away. They take care of all the rodents and in return they get lots of love and their tummies full. None of the cats are stray and he takes really good care of them.

When he gets back from work and is about to give them a delicious dinner, the kitties sing loudly on his porch. As soon as he opens the door, the meowing begins. The only way in which he can calm them down and make them stop is giving them some food. There is nothing to worry about though, he feeds them regularly. The kitties are just a little bit impatient and Corey thought that the video would bring a smile on people’s faces.

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