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Talk About Laziness! This Chihuahua is Trained to Carry Cat Back Home!

Dogs get trained about all sorts of things but this special little fellow has been trained for something very special. This tiny chihuahua knows how to carry cat home without any problems.

Form amazing K-9 dogs to assistance dogs, they are so many things that dogs are able to do. Not every dog is suitable for everything. This little chap definitely doesn’t look like someone who can carry a cat home.

The Queen Has Found Herself a Carry Cat Dog!

We wouldn’t be surprised to see a big dog carrying a cat on their back. Photos and videos of cat sleeping and sitting on top of dogs is nothing new. The twist of this little story lies within the size of the dog and the cat and the dog’s amazing technique.

This dog’s owner has taught him something that not every dog can do. It is amazing to see how on her command the little chihuahua from Russia doesn’t think twice and carries the cat home. This is probably something that they’ve done before plenty of times. It’s amazing to see how calm the cat is and how much she doesn’t mind being lifted and carried. It might take him a little while and he needs to take little breaks now and then, but he completes the mission. His technique is to scoop the cat underneath the belly with his head. He basically wears the cat around his neck like a scarf.

This is most likely a very convenient trick to teach your dog. Now every time your cat disobeys you and doesn’t want to come back home you will have a well-trained carry cat dog. All you will need to do is tell him to fetch the dog and sit back, relax and film him doing it.

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