Chatty Parrot Annoys This Poor Kitty Without Stopping!

Sometimes our siblings don’t know what personal space is. This adorable kitty has nowhere to go since her brother can follow her wherever she goes. The parrot annoys her without stopping throughout the whole video and he definitely doesn’t care.

The cat was being really patient with this birdie, which clearly doesn’t know who he is messing with. No one wants to get their big sister angry and he shouldn’t do it either. Especially when she has sharp claws and is ten times bigger than you.

The parrot doesn’t see this as a problem at all. Instead, he continues to annoy her and her face says it all. She looks like she really wants to hurt him, at least a little bit, but tries hard not to since her humans are looking.

Do you think the parrot should ever again be left alone with this annoyed kitty?

Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below.

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