Cats Can Now Wear Hats Made from Their Own Fur!

Ryo Yamazaki is a really crafty photographer from Japan. His muses are his cats and he created amazing photo shoots with them wearing hats. His creations come in a lot of different weird shapes and sizes. What makes them so special is the fact that their hats are actually made from their own fur.

His models are the Scottish Fold kitties. Nyaa is an 8 year-old tabby, Mar is the stunning 6 year-old kitty and Wheat is the 1 year-old ginger kitty. They clearly love posing for their human daddy. The cats don’t even mind wearing the silly hats he has made for them. With the help from his kitties Yamazaki is able to pay homage to a lot of iconic real and fictional characters such as princess Leia and Mario.

Their excess fur gave the Japanese photographer an opportunity to create something really bizarre and eye-catching. The ending result is of course, super adorable.

Photo Credits: @rojiman via Instagram

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