Cats vs Cat Proof Fence! Keep You Kitty Safe in Your Yard!

Cats can jump really high and can easily climb on almost any surface. High fences are not a problem for them. They can still manage to jump on top and start roaming around the neighborhood. This cat proof fence will keep your kitty in your yard preventing her from going on risky adventures. As you can see from Oscilott’s video, it seems quite impossible for the cats to tackle the obstacle.

They have created a system which will make sure that your kitty stays safe. The system can easily be attached to your already existing fence thanks to their DIY installation guide.

According to recent studies, the kitties which don’t roam around everywhere outlive the free roaming cats. Since we are all interested in our cat’s well-being, the idea to cat proof your yard doesn’t seem so bad. After all, we all end up worrying if our kitties are OK when they are out for hours.

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