Should Your Cats Sleep in Your Bedroom or Not?

People tend to have different policies when it comes to whether or not cats should be allowed in their bedrooms at night. The daddy of two very popular cats on the Internet has given his personal opinion on this matter. His cats sleep wherever they want including his bed.

Cole and Marmalade are taken over the internet with their cuteness. However, they haven’t been that cute when it came to sleeping time. Their mommy and daddy didn’t allow them in the bedroom because they would misbehave. Everything changed when they stayed at a hotel and the kittens let their humans sleep just fine.

Ever since the bedroom door has been open and the cats can jump into their humans bed whenever they please. Turns out all that Cole wants is to get some cuddles and Marmalade wakes them up only if he’s really hungry.

Do you let your cats sleep with you?

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    • Three of my 4 cats sleep on the bed with me. Chubber will wait for me to lie down, then stick his head under my chin and wait for me to swivel him around so he is under the covers and is my little teddy bear. If I make the mistake of lying on my left side, he will headbutt and paw at me until I roll over to his preferred side. Gunner (aka Big Ol White Cat) settles in behind my back or legs and Washboard like to stand on me and knead. Our little girl Xenia will come in very rarely and prefers to stay in the living room.
      I had a 5th kitty, Popper, who went from being a fearful, almost feral cat to being mama’s boy and he would be the first to come up for petting. If any of the others cats dared to come up, Popper would wedge himself between them and me.

    • Haaaa snap. We recently bought a bigger bed and this is because one of our cats likes to sleep between us stretching out. 🙈

  1. I have two cats one of my cats only enjoys his cat tree which is really high up and my other cat enjoys sleeping on me not next to me not near me on me!!

  2. I couldn’t imagine not letting my kitties sleep in bed with us. They pick and choose when to sleep, and where, but the door/bed is always open!

  3. I used to have 4 cats and having them all on my bed got a bit intense! Now I am down to 1 old boy and I let him sleep on my bed when he wants to. He has his own blanket which covers his half of it and, although we have occasional spats over territory, it works for us! Lord knows how we will work things out if I ever have another human relationship!!

  4. All the cats I’ve had in recent years sleep with me. My tom sleeps on the foot of the bed and my queen sleeps by me within reach of my hand. In really cold weather the tom with get under the covers by my feet and my girl will sleep on me.They aren’t bad about waking me up.

  5. How’s loves to and during winter it is fine but come summer, he attacks our feet when they are out or move under the sheets. Don’t like banning him from the bed but don’t know what else to do

  6. I have slept with cats for bout 48 years! My hubby got me a Siamese for our 2nd anniversary. He said he wouldn’t sleep with a cat…haha. After three hours of it crying to get in, we were afraid our neighbors would complain, he let it in! It slept with us for almost 18 years!! After it died he was lonely, so we got two!!! One for him and one for me

  7. Even if I didn’t want him to, my cat would climb up, anyway. To close the door and hear him screaming would be worse! I always say that I’m just visiting, and it’s really HIS home!

  8. I think it all depends. We had three cats once and one of them love to peed in the bed and any other squishy things. I had to kick him out the bedroom to prevent him from peeing on the new mattress. And yes he was fixed. The same cat also had extreme social problems with other cats as well with humans. Every cat have their own personality. So to answer this question. Sometimes I look at these cats like I will look at any other human being. I will not let any human into my home. Saying that will not let any cat sleep in the same room with me.

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